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I'm Laura

Hey there!

let me tell you, I've been a total entertainment dynamo since day one! Acting, producing, presenting, you name it—I've done it all since I was a little kid. Hailing from Venezuela, I bring a unique charm and vibe that have set me apart, representing Latina talent for a solid 25 years in the States.

But hey, that's just the beginning. I've got serious vocal chops too, lending my talent to Spanish versions of some hot TV shows. And it's not all about showbiz for me; I've also got a book out there called 'Realmente Única,' available on Amazon. Plus, I've been making waves in soap operas, series, and even on streaming services.

What really gets me going is curiosity and creativity. I'm not just an entertainer;

I consider myself  a creative powerhouse!

I've been giving motivational talks and even took my book tour to Hispanic organizations. Oh, and my blog, It's received recognition from the White House and the United Nations. With a career spanning a whopping 45 years, I'm not slowing down anytime soon!

And let's not forget, I've been a game-changer in the influencer scene for 14 years, working with national and international brands as their go-to ambassador. Now that's the cherry on top of my amazing career!

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Paloma Vasquez, Director of Marketing Umiami Health

I've been working with Laura now for about 3 years, as an influential content creator in the wellness space. I don't say "3 years" lightly, because it's rare for someone to remain relevant and impactful for that long. Laura is consistent, proactive, responsible, and professional - she knows social media, she knows what topics will resonate with her audience (and what won't), and she knows how to engage them. Laura is an excellent partner and I would recommend her as a strong content collaborator!

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